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September 11th (Remember The Day)

September 11th (Remember The Day)

September 11th
Remember the day
Our sense of security
Was stripped away

Plane hit tower one
Chaos ensued
But had only begun

Tower two took a blow
Soon everyone, everywhere
Would know

The Pentagon hit
Who’s next? we all thought
And who’s behind it?

Glued to our screens
Tower two fell
With thousands of screams

Foreseeing their fate
Flight 93
Took down their own plane

Bodies fall from tower
Then tower falls
In a dust shower

And–suddenly nothing
No more attacks
But how we changed on this day
There’s no turning back

The lives lost
The troops sent
The wars fought
The years spent

The innocent

Fifteen years later
I still see bodies fall
But I also see memories
Uniting us all

“Where were you?” we say
“God Bless America” declared
Moments of silence to recall
We were all there

We were there with the fallen
We were there with who fought
We are there standing guard
We’ll be there at first shot

We are America
United we stand
God forbid only tragedy
Makes us understand

-“September 11th (Remember The Day)” by Kendra Negron

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