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Avalon Park POA Candidate Information

Avalon Park POA Candidate Information



Hello my name is Kendra Negron and I would be honored to be on your Board of Directors. Professionally I am a Social Worker who has won awards for improving services for people while lowering costs–In 2023 I received a Federal Employee of the Year Award for Innovation as well as a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition. Personally I am a Mom who volunteers with organizations important to her family and community–I was a YMCA Youth Soccer Coach in 2021 and 2023, and I have been a band member at Avalon Church 2018-present. My heart is to invest in my neighborhood and community spaces.


I have been a Property Owner and resident of Avalon Park since 2018. For the past several years I have been attending the POA meetings at times, mostly via Zoom since the time of the meeting is during the usual business hours for most of us who work full-time. Recently I went in person; the Zoom information had changed and I could not locate it anywhere, either by calling the office or by looking online. Oftentimes I have been among just a handful of residents listening in to where the important decisions about our neighborhood are being made. I think the POA should work for the people, and the people should work alongside the POA. I am running to be a part of the change I want to see.


I am running on a platform of Community and Accessibility.

  • Community–To ensure Avalon Park is a great place for our kids to grow up, our friends to meet, and our organizations to thrive.
  • Accessibility–To treat our POA Board as a Town Council, accessible to all who want to attend the meetings or receive a summary of the main points, and that their voices would be heard.

I know we all live busy lives and it’s not always possible to attend a two hour Board meeting; at the same time–what happens there matters. It impacts your pools, your internet speeds, your sports leagues, and your wallet. I plan to keep you up-to-date, request your input, and put your ideas into action. Please feel free to visit KendraNegron.com for links to my social media pages where we can connect.

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